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My golf ball landed in a bunker beside the green and a mate's ball landed in a bunker nearby. It took me eight shots to get out and only did so by playing to the side of the bunker, still not on the green.

My mate was in stitches, so I said your turn, smart @rse! He hit the ball at a thousand miles an hour. The flagstick shuddered and nearly snapped as the ball struck, and dropped to only a couple of inches from the hole.

I was still off the green and out of sheer embarrassment can't recall how many shots I took on that hole. If his ball didn't strike the flagstick, it would have ended up in Sydney Harbour.

On another occasion I had a few hours to spare so I decided  to have a hit. I played a hole that was only about 90 metres slightly downhill.

A guy was on his tee not far from my green. He called me to play and I completely miss-hit my shot which never left the ground and it rolled and rolled onto the green coming to rest a couple of feet from the hole.

The guy looked at me and shook his head. He hit his tee shot onto the wild blue yonder never to be found again.

As we neared each other he turned to see my ball on the green and said "I’m surprised the wind hasn’t blown your ball into the hole."

Greyhound Tips Tue 18-Feb-2029

Usually on Tuesday the early meetings don't work me (Gawler, Tassie = often 1st fav, 2nd fav are much better, no fun).
Hence only one 'at noon' meeting tipped here, Goulburn. 
The next here will be the Horsham meeting, (only) occasionally OK for me, hoping we get one good paying race but take this as a caveat.

The rest of the meetings are in the evening, Lismore, Gosford, Warragul and Townsville - it is often possible to get nice trifectas there but not in every of those meetings - I am expecting that again but which one will be this time?

In those four meetings I recommend making use of the fact that there are only 8 runners, or less, so for example trifecta such as field-field-(a,b,c) costs only $6.50 at 5%. 
Another advice on using these tips is feel free to put the best selections for second or third in trifectas.

- - - - - - 
R2    #3,2,7
R3    #4,1,7,8
R4    #2,7
R5    #1,4,5
R6    #1,8 FROM 7,4
R7    tough - any
R8    #3,5,7
R9    #6,1,3,4
R10    #6,1
R11    #7,8

- - - - - - 
R1    #5,4,9
R2    #2,7,9
R3    ANY
R4    --
R5    #4
R6    ANY
R7    #1,5
R8    #6
R9    #2,5,6
R10    #8 ANY
R11    #2 FROM 4,5,8 FROM 9
R12    #1 FROM 5,6,2

- - - - -
R2    #4,3,2
R3    #1,2,3 THEN 4,5
R4    #2,5,8,7
R5    #5 - others similar
R6    ANY
R7    #3,4,7, a few others with old form 
R8    #5 then 8,1,2
R9    #3,8,6
R10    #7,8,1,2

- - - - - 
R1    #1,2,3 FROM 5,7
R2    #4, #2
R3    #6,2,4 FROM 1
R4    #7,6 
R5    #7,8,4,3
R6    #8 FROM #1, MAYBE #2
R8    #4,5,7,6
R9    ANY
R10    #8,3, MAYBE #1(?)

- - - - - 
R1    #4,5,6
R2    #5,8
R3    #3
R4    tough race - #21574(?)
R5    #2, #7 FROM #4,5,6
R6    #541
R7    #7 FROM 8,6,4,3
R8    #7,8
R9    #1,3,4,8
R10    #5,8,2,3
R11    all similar
R12    #3 from any

- - - -  - - 
R1    #1
R2    #4
R3    TOUGH - any
R4    #1 ANY
R5    #5,7,3
R6    #5,2,1,3
R7    #1,#6 but really any!
R8    #2,6,4,3,8
R9    #7,1,3,4

- - - - - 
R3    #4
R4    #2,4,5
R5    tough - any
R6    #1,5,4,3
R7    tough - any
R8    #8 ANY
R9    #3,8,1


Never ever give up

Gary Still

One of the most extraordinary finishes I've ever seen.

French athlete Flora Guie (pronounced Gay) is running 4th after the baton change for the final leg. The French commentators are saying throughout the last lap that it is now impossible for France to win but the excitement reaches fever-pitch in the last 100 metres, when Guie does the impossible

Its not only that the she never gave up, but that she retained her composure, her rhythm and her focus, despite the odds. Cruel justice for the leader, who stopped to a walk after trying to "fry" her immediate opponents.


Deafening Silence Time


Let’s ignore it, folks.

Pathetic Aussies


What a woeful position Aussie finds themselves in, in so many sports. Cricket is just one sport, but Gladys and I sent out this message many years ago when everyone else could not see it or predict it, like we did. They will make excuses like, for example, 3 batsmen are rubbed out. Well they forget Aussie was no good with them in the team, and one of the reasons they did what they did. Then what about all the dreamers who said Aussie could have 2 Test cricket teams. That does not seem that long ago. Nowadays Aussie are an embarrassment with 1. They say Aussie bowlers are good, trouble is they have trouble bowling a team out.

What about Rugby Union, Soccer (beaten by Jotdan in the latest game), Tennis, we could go on and on, and what about Aussie racing. Those Aussie horses racing in Aussie, who are the best 5, where are they, no one seems to know.

What is Aussie actually good at? Thank goodness for the Big Bash, Sheffield Shield, AFL and NRL comps, at least an Aussie teams wins them.
Attention Gladys And Khappy

Can you please identify the common link between the following horses;

Man o'War
Sea Biscuit
Seattle Slew
American Pharoah
Sea the Stars
Kingston Town

I will be most interested to read what you think the link may be.


From the depths of Hell

Gary Still

This is a 4 x 400m relay race and Phil Healy from the red UCC team is running 5th (about 150 metres behind) with one lap to go and is not in the picture for most of the race.

The commentators are excited uncontrollably in the home straight as they witness one of the most unbelievable finishes ever.

Copy and paste this link to view the footage..


Are these guys nuts?!

Gary Still

Figure 8 endurance racing..


A passionate coach

Gary Still

The camera is on the coach, not the competitor.


Float like a butterfly

imaj eel

I'm old enough to have seen Cardigan Bay win an Auckland cup from 72 behind, I saw Vain brain em in a golden slipper, I took a day off work when we won the Americas cup. Through the wonders of TV I have seen great sporting events, and sports people all over the world, but I {personally} have never seen a better sporting performance than the demolition of Floyd Patterson by the great one Muhammed Ali {Cassius Clay}.

The life of this man was one to remember for all peoples, for a long time, if not for all time.

A most complete athlete, a witty and erudite person, a man who overcame the odds and obstacles that life threw at him, beginning with his birth colour and never getting much easier, he managed to romp through life with a sense of humour, humanity and regard for others, except maybe for Sonny Liston.

His leaving us has filled me with a sense of loss, and the feeling that I don't have enough years left to again see an athlete or sports person with his talent and complete mastery of his chosen field.

Sadly, I must say VALE Muhammad, Farewell Cassius, it was a pleasure to have experienced you.

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