Brother lit Dolphin fire in Kenny's belly

Kenny Bromwich has explained why he left the Storm to join the Dolphins and says one camp with the forwards convinced him of the new NRL club's pack strength

Coach WAYNE BENNETT. Picture: Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images

Kenny Bromwich says his older brother Jesse lit a fire in his belly about joining the Dolphins that made it impossible not to follow his lead.

The duo had done it all in the NRL with Melbourne and now Kenny says things aren't that much different at the Dolphins under coach Wayne Bennett to what he experienced under longtime mentor Craig Bellamy.

The brothers had only played three games together in their lives before joining the Storm. Kenny was signed there first, then Jesse followed on a wing and a prayer. This time Jesse was the first to ink a deal with the Dolphins. He had a chat to Kenny.

"He started getting really excited about an opportunity here at Redcliffe and being under Wayne. Once he started talking to me it started lighting a fire in my belly to go and start a new challenge with him," Bromwich said.

"It didn't take long for me to follow him after that."

Then Kenny spoke to Bennett.

"It only took one conversation with him to make me feel like I was making the right decision," he said.

"Just the vision and plan he has for the place, it is something I wanted to really come into and build."

Bromwich has been mentored by Bellamy his entire career, a coach famous for his sprays. So how's Bennett going?

"I do think they are really similar in a lot of ways," he said.

"They both care about you a lot as a person before the player and they both care about your family, which I really admire.

"I think you all think that Wayne is a bit of a larrikin but he does get get quite cranky. Craig sprays but Wayne does get quite a bit cranky too."

Bromwich, his brother Jesse and Felise Kaufusi are all hardened pros, as is former South Sydney veteran Mark Nicholls. Rising Maroons star Tom Gilbert is among other forwards Kenny is glad to have beside him.

"The pack they have brought here is really good. We went into camp the first week we got here and they really tested us physically and mentally," he said.

"I looked around and everyone was giving it their all. No-one gave in. That is something I admire.

"We have a bunch of tough fellas here I can rely on to get their job done.

"(Gilbert) is someone that goes one hundred miles an hour. He is always leading the way with his energy and effort."

The Dolphins have released one-game memberships for their blockbuster NRL opener against the Sydney Roosters at Suncorp Stadium on March 5 and for their first 'Battle of Brisbane' with the Broncos at the same venue on March 24.