NRLW high priority in renewed CBA talks

The NRLW's CBA is likely to be a major priority when the NRL and the RLPA meet later this week to restart negotiations.

The NRL and the Rugby League Players Association are set to meet on Tuesday as they aim to end the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) stalemate.

A CBA for NRLW players is around the top of the agenda of the RLPA, who last week requested to meet with the NRL after becoming increasingly frustrated by League Central's lack of movement.

NRL players are working under the previous CBA, which lapsed at the start of the contractual year on November 1.

But the game's female players remain without a CBA and theirs is the only major competition that does not enjoy such protection.

Both male and female players have put on a united front as negotiations have dragged on.

There have already been examples of players withdrawing from media commitments and threats of strikes as a result of the slow progress.

The game's first female CBA is considered a priority by the RLPA and its members after the NRLW players forced the NRL into cancelling its 2023 season draw announcement.

This year's season, which is due to expand to 10 teams, does not yet have a start date or a determined length.

Leading Brisbane playmaker Ali Brigginshaw flagged earlier this month that many of her fellow female players had opted against training to avoid the risk of injuring themselves and missing out on an NRLW contract.