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Punters dot com dot au is greed at its finest.

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In 2022 I shall reclaim my rightful throne as the premier WFA R&S Analyst on this forum.



Load Up On This.


Get ready to load up on laying those useless big headed no hopers we have representing us in cricket starting this Wednesday. Now this Pommy side is next to useless as well, but as shown by the Indian C Grade side of last summer, you don't have to be very good to beat these duds.

As I see it we have two decent batters in Smith and Labuschagne and two decent bowlers in Cummins and Hazelwood. The only person in danger when facing Starc is the poor fool standing at square leg whilst OHS should require all people in the crowd in the first ten rows back from the fence to wear a helmet when Lyons is bowling.

Now I know that those poor Pommies have only won a miserable amount of games at Brisbane going all the way back to Bodyline and in the last four tours have only won one series whilst being beaten four and five blot in the other three. Those teams were playing against talented if boorish Australian sides however, this team is playing against total no hopers. Look at this useless mob. The only players that would stand a chance of making our previous teams would be maybe Smith and probably Cummins. The rest would not be allowed to attend net practice let alone make the team.

Load up on the lay in Brisbane as after that there will be no value they will be so long in the betting. Load up on the lay in them winning the series too. Money for old rope as these cheaters choke and fumble and blame everyone except their own miserable lack of talent.

I think the bloke that will put the cleaners through this lot of no hopers will be Mark Wood provided he stays injury free. this bloke is quick and as the Indian team demonstrated last summer, these pea hearts don't like it when it gets a bit hot in the kitchen.

A funny Email I received yesterday. Love the 2020 Cup call at the end

 Cup call at end.




 Sky Racing is losing the plot. Here are just 3 thinks that irk me.

  1. When there is a jackpot(carry over ) of the First Four to the next race, they kindly display in the
    bottom left corner: eg " FF Jackpot NSW $2000 "--Followed by ..." FF Jackpot NSW $3500." !!! 
    They actually mean the 2nd one to read:  " VIC" .

But no one cares enough to fix it. But-- IF the c/o is ONLY in VIC, it STILL says NSW !!  What th' ?

 I suspect this is done on purpose to con all the desperates and drunks in the pubs, to part with 

their hard earned,--thinking they are getting value.  This is FALSE ADVERTISING.

  2. The presenters appear to not have an understanding of the way real punting works.

 Yes they may be good at reading results off the screen, but some of the things they say are just plain stupid.  

Eg   " N0.7 has been a real go. On the TAB it has firmed from $19 into 15 !!  "    Well ,for the TAB --this equates to a $100 bet !!

3. The kicking over of a gallops race  (win pool $80000 ) --to SKY 2--for a trot race (win pool $1500).


So, this is how this year's Melbourne Cup COULD be.  Don't laugh. It might happen.


Sky presenter: We'll cross now to guest   caller Greg Miles --who has offered to call this year' Cup to fill 

in for Terry Bailey who was going to call his first Cup--until the viewers complained

 to management about how bloody hopeless he is.


GM. "Thanks very much and it is a thrill to be back. And timing is perfect, the last 2 runners are moving in. Any late moves SKY presenter (SP )?"

SP:  " Yes, Greg,   No.22, that's VLANDY'S THE BEST - has just firmed from $23.40 all the way in to $23.30.--and if you hurry you can still get on ."

GM:  Ah.... thanks SP. The starter is looking down the line -- and a start is imminent in the Cup of 2020. 

Here we go. And they are..

   SP:  We'll just leave there for a moment because they are about to jump in a 2-dog maiden race at Manawatu. 

The on-course tote pool has now swelled to $70 . Looks like the 5   punters trackside have really opened their wallets. 

   Dog caller. : They're racing !! And..   NRL IS GREAT bounded out and lead throughout to   beat AFL IS SHIT by 10 lengths. Back to the Cup.

   GM they turn out of the straight. What a sight that must have been for you home viewers as the 

horses thundered past the winning post for the first time. Boy ,I've never heard a louder cheer from a Cup crowd. 

They are in the back straight now near the 2000m mark and we have a new Leader.   ScoMo has taken over from Turning Bull,

closely followed by..

   SP:  We'll be back to the Cup in just a minute but we have an intriguing dog race coming up at Richmond--where history is about to be made . The first ever HANDICAP dog race.  And it is a fair handicapping system, as each dog is actually handicapped --by only having 3 legs !!!.  

And they're racing .  Hopalong leads Stumpy followed by Halitosis.

 As they come to the post ,hobbling down the outside to win is none other than the well named Tripod. Back to Greg.

   GM. (under breath. Geez !! ) they swing for home ,we've had more leaders here than the Federal Parliament ,but there is a testing 

      600 m to go.  The new leader is COVID'S A BASTARD closely followed by SO IS DAN ANDREWS, then back to..

SP.  Well--we wouldn't be here without our sponsors. So all the best from the TAB. Here's their famous slogan :

 "Long may we stuff  up everything we touch !"    Now back to Greg.

GM. Wow what a finish! And the number in now the frame.  The winner is no 1 - GLADYS.

 And for those in sweeps, the last horse is officially-- MUNZ.   No surprise there. 


Best Wishes from  Alphonso McGillicuddy


W.Pike - 200

West Coast

William Pike brought up his double century of Australian black type victories when he rode filly Tuscan Queen to the most emphatic of his 9 WA Derby wins.

Pike has won:
8 G1s (all in WA)
24 G2s (all in WA)
35 G3s (34 in WA & 1 in VIC)
133 Listed races (132 in WA & 1 in SA)



Hi how does the csv button in neurals work

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a good Christmas. I thought I would put together my own list of the top 10 horses of the decade in Australian racing. Some or all of you may not agree with the horses in the list and that's fine - I respect that. This list is based off my own opinions. Finally, I'd like to wish you all a Happy New Year and a great 2020. Cheers.

Aust Racing - Top 10 Horses of the Decade: 2010 - 2019

Equal 1. Black Caviar
25 Starts: 25-0-0
Group 1 Wins This Decade: 15 (15 overall)
Total Group/Listed Wins 24
Prizemoney: $7,953,936
Peak Timeform Rating: 136

Comment: I have decided to put Black Caviar at equal number 1 (with Winx). Initially I had Black Caviar as number 1 then I had Winx at number 1 but in the end I thought that I'd be fair to both horses and put them both as number 1. Black Caviar was undefeated throughout her whole career - that is an outstanding effort - 25 starts for 25 wins...just remarkable. She won Group 1 races from 1000m to 1400m and its a shame we never got to see her at 1600m. Black Caviar is arguably Australia's best ever sprinter who raced in a strong era of sprinting in Australia - beating the likes of Star Witness, Hay List, Ortensia and Buffering. The latter two winning Group 1 races overseas and Star Witness who was also placed twice overseas at Royal Ascot. Her most famous win in my opinion was when she won overseas, away from the comforts of home and ran a gutsy race in the Diamond Jubilee Stakes at Royal Ascot. She broke down during the race but still won. But at the end of the day, it's that magical "25 starts for 25 wins" which she will be remembered for . I doubt we will see the likes of her again for a long...long time.

Equal 1. Winx
43 Starts: 37-3-0
Group 1 Wins This Decade: 25 (25 overall)
Total Group/Listed Wins: 35
Prizemoney: $26,451,174
Peak Timeform Rating: 134

Comment: Winx is in at equal number 1. I didn't think it was fair to put Winx at number 2 because of her outstanding career. What a career it was - 25 Group 1 race wins (a world record) which includes 4 Cox Plates - the first horse to achieve outstanding effort. Winx won Group 1s from 1400m to 2200m. She had a devastating turn of foot and could rattle off sectionals that sprinters could produce. Perhaps the only glaring missing achievement in her career is a Group 1 win away from home outside Australia. Apart from this, Winx like Black Caviar, captured the hearts of Australian racing fans during her career and her fame spread throughout the world too. A top class mare. Her 2016 Cox Plate win was an 8 length margin and in my opinion her greatest win and she won with ease.

2. So You Think
23 Starts: 14-4-1
Group 1 Wins This Decade: 9 (10 overall)
Total Group/Listed Wins: 13
Prizemoney: $8,813,497
Peak Timeform Rating: 133

Comment: Had it not been for Black Caviar and Winx racing on the scene this decade, then So You Think would be in the number 1 spot. His first Cox Plate victory was in 2009 - outside of this decade but his second Cox Plate victory was in this current decade. I believe that if So You Think had of stayed in Australia, then he would of been the first horse to win four Cox Plates. So You Think did it all, he won five Group 1s in both hemisphres, no other horse in the history of horse racing has achieved this. He also raced on turf and on dirt. Including Australia, he also raced in England, Ireland, France and Dubai, and whilst he was a 2000m horse, he was also pushed out to 2400m (4th in the Arc) and out to 3200m (3rd in the Melbourne Cup). He was a world class horse and when racing in Europe he raced in one of Europe's strongest middle distance era's in terms of depth with the likes of Workforce, Snow Fairy, St Nichollas Abbey, Nathaniel, Cirrus De Aigles and of course the mighty Frankel all racing in this period. Europe is the domain for middle distance racing (and staying races as well) and So You Think was not out of place. In a way he is still underrated by a lot of racing fans in Australia because they only remember him for his brief 12 start career in that part of the world, but if they take a look at his overall career then they will realise he was one of the horses of the decade in Australian racing.

3. More Joyous
31 Starts: 21-1-2
Group 1 Wins This Decade: 7 (8 overall)
Total Group/Listed Wins: 20
Prizemoney: $4,572,450
Peak Timeform Rating: 128

Comment: This talented mare won 8 Group 1s in her career, seven of them were in this decade. More Joyous won Group 1s from 1400m to 2000m. Included amongst her Group 1s was a gutsy win in the Toorak Handicap at Caulfield where she carried 58kg. She also won a Doncaster mile at Randwick carrying 57.5kg. More Joyous loved the mile. Also, just on More Joyous's win in that 2010 Toorak Handicap - what a great day that was because on the same day at Caulfield Black Caviar won the Schillaci Stakes and So You Think won the Caulfield Stakes. All three horses are in my top 10.

4. Chautauqua:
32 Starts: 13-7-4
Group 1 Wins This Decade: 6 (6 overall)
Total Group/Listed Wins: 12
Prizemoney: $8,821,935
Peak Timeform Rating: 127

Comment: The Grey Flash won 6 Group 1s in his career. His trademark last to first finishes was always a highlight. He became the first and only horse so far to win the Group 1 TJ Smith Stakes three years in a row - an outstanding effort. He also won in Hong Kong as well in the Group 1 Chairman's Sprint Prize in which he rocketed home out wide to win. His racing style was "heart in your mouth" stuff, but when he got going in that final 200m - he could seriously motor home and it was very exciting to watch.

5. Hartnell
58 Starts: 13-14-9
Group 1 Wins This Decade: 4 (4 overall)
Total Group/Listed Wins: 10
Prizemoney: $7,469,499
Peak Timeform Rating: 128

Comment: Hartnell initially started his career in Europe and wasn't quite up to that standard as a younger horse. He was sent to Australia and had a great career down under. He won four Group 1s - at 1400m, 1600m, 2000m and at 2400m. Hartnell really was a versatile horse. He also ran 2nd in a Cox Plate and 3rd in the Melbourne Cup at 3200m. Had Winx not ran in the 2016 Cox Plate then Hartnell would of had this feature race next to his name. In fact, Hartnell ran 2nd to Winx 4 times and 3rd to her once. He was definitely one of the horses of the decade in Australian racing.

6. Dundeel
19 Starts: 10-4-1
Group 1 Wins This Decade: 6 (6 overall)
Total Group/Listed Wins: 7
Prizemoney: $5,396,905
Peak Timeform Rating: 129

Comment: Dundeel only had 19 career starts but he achieved a lot in a short career. As a spring 3 year-old he won the Group 1 Spring Champion Stakes, but he really took off as an autumn 3 year-old by winning three Group 1s and achieved the Randwick Guineas - Rosehill Guineas - Australian Derby treble. As an older horse he won a further two Group 1s, the Underwood Stakes (defeating Atlantic Jewel) at Caulfield and Queen Elizabeth Stakes at Randwick. A good career and in my top 10.

7. Hay List
28 Starts: 15-6-0
Group 1 Wins This Decade: 3 (3 overall)
Total Group/Listed Wins: 7
Prize Money: $2,559,575
Peak Timeform Rating: 132

Comment: Had Black Caviar not been on the racing scene, then Hay List would of had more success. He raced in that strong era of sprinters in Australia. Some may question why he is in my top 10 because he only won three Group 1s. Based on a Timeform rating of 132, he was the second highest rated Australian sprinter of the decade, behind Black Caviar (136), and he ran against Black Caviar six times (all at Group 1 level) and ran 2nd to her four times with the other two results being a 6th and a 10th. Plus his career highlight was winning the 2012 Newmarket Handicap carrying 58.5kg and beat Buffering who ran 2nd carrying 4kg less. The weight Hay List carried in that Newmarket was the highest weight in 20 years - an outstanding effort. In my opinion he deserves his place in the top 10 horses of the decade and from a WA point of view - he is WA's best horse of the decade.

8. Buffering
55 Starts: 20-9-8
Group 1 Wins This Decade: 7 (7 overall)
Total Group/Listed Wins: 13
Prizemoney: $7,300,194
Peak Timeform Rating: 127

Comment: Such a warrior and tough. Buffering won seven Group 1s in his career and raced in the Black Caviar era. Once she retired - his career took off. He also won a Group 1 overseas in Dubai, as an 8 year-old, which was a great moment for Australian racing and being a Queensland horse, I remember the race caller saying as Buffering crossed the line "Life is great on the Sunshine State, and those Queenslanders are celebrating" Yep, they certainly were celebrating and so was everyone else throughout Australia too.

9. Pierro
14 Starts: 11-2-1
Group 1 Wins This Decade: 5 (5 overall)
Total Group/Listed Wins: 11
Prize Money: $4,536,650
Peak Timeform Rating: 128

Comment: Pierro was an outstanding 2 year old and 3 year old. In his 2 year old year he achieved the 2 year-old "Triple Crown" in Australia, which was the Golden Slipper - Sires Produce Stakes - Champagne Stakes treble. His record in Group 1 races was 8 starts for five wins, two seconds and one third and of those eight starts at Group 1 level, four of them were in open age company where he won two plus a 2nd and a 3rd - the latter two were placings in the Cox Plate and the Doncaster Mile. He also raced against another talented 3 year-old in All Too Hard.. We can only imagine what Pierro would of achieved as an older horse had he not been rushed off to stud however his short 14 start career was brilliant.

10. All Too Hard
12 Starts: 7-2-1
Group 1 Wins This Decade: 4 (4 overall)
Total Group/Listed Wins: 7
Prize Money: $2,288,200
Peak Timeform Rating: 129

Comment: There will always be debate about who was the better 3 year-old out of All Too Hard and Pierro. We could have endless conversations about it. But for now, let's talk about All Too Hard and his place in the top 10. He was an outstanding 3 year-old. He won four Group 1s in his career and three of them were in open age company. He also ran 2nd in the Cox Plate...only 0.3 lengths away from the winner Ocean Park and the horse who finished 3rd was Pierro. Also, like Pierro, All Too Hard was retired to stud early in his career and again it's a case of "what might of been" because we can only wonder what he would of achieved had he not been retired so early to stud. One of All Too Hard's biggest career highlights was beating Pierro in the 2012 Caulfield Guineas by half a length - a great come from behind win.

Timeform Ratings Reference:



Thanks Gary, re your xmas wishes in another thread. That thread is not worthy of xmas greeting responses, so please use this thread - all 6 or 7 that appear to visit this forum at the moment.

Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous 2020, to all

20th Anniversary

West Coast

Lets cast our minds back 20 years ago, and remember a WA horse who put WA racing back on the map on a national scale and showed those eastern staters that WA could produce quality WA horses to compete in the eastern states

Twenty years ago on November 2nd, 1999, Rogan Josh won the Melbourne Cup and became only the third WA horse to win the race.....there hasn't been a WA horse win it since.

A winner of the Bunbury Cup and Pinjarra Cup in 1998, Rogan Josh showed he wasn't just a country staying-type horse with runner-up placings in the Group 2 C.B Cox Stakes at 2400m weight-for-age and the Group 2 Perth Cup at 3200m. Bart Cummings was also on course at that 1999 Perth Cup and was impressed with his 2nd placing in the Perth Cup, added to the fact that Rogan Josh had no wear and tear on his legs and was lightly raced for a seven year-old (he started his career as a four year-old), and Cummings agreed to take him. Rogan Josh (by Old Spice out of Eastern Mystique), was then sent east to Bart Cummings and a tilt at the Melbourne Cup. All was forgotten really and no big write ups or commentary was noted and when August markets were first released for the Melbourne Cup - Rogan Josh was at the juicy odds of 250/1.

His first start with Bart was a run down the "Straight Six" at Flemington in the Auries Star Handicap and he finished last in a 7-horse field, eight lengths away from the winner Hula Wonder. The next start was a 10th placing in the Group 2 Feehan Stakes at 1600m weight for age, 7.9 lengths away from the winner Inaflury. It's fair to say that the tight Moonee Valley circuit with its shirt straight never suited the big Rogan Josh of nearly 17 hands. However the Cummings stable thought he was a chance in the Listed J.R.A Cup (at Moonee Valley) but he finished 7th...8.8 lengths behind the winner Brave Chief. When Cummings flew into Melbourne, he asked what happened with Rogan Josh in the J.R.A Cup. He asked stable foreman Reg Fleming: "What happened with that Perth horse, has he eaten all of his feed" to which Reg replied with: "Yep" Bart said:" Is he working ok during trackwork" to which Reg replied with: "Yep" then Bart said: "Well we are not working him hard enough"

The change in trackwork worked wonders, Rogan Josh's next start was a win in the Group 2 Herbert Power Stakes at 2400m (ridden by Darren Gauci) by two lengths. However Rogan Josh's Herbert Power win was derided by some Melbourne journalist's with one saying: "Rogan Josh's win in the Herbert Power Stakes, ha....even I could run 2nd in a Perth Cup" Quite clearly the journo's over east didn't rate the stayer from the west.

Rogan Josh then started at odds of 25/1 and carried 51.5kg in the Caulfield Cup and had the wide barrier of 16 and led before the home turn and also turning for home.......only to be run down in the last 150m by Sky Heights the winner, Laebeel in 2nd place and Josticks in 3rd.........all sired by the great Zabeel. Chris Munce rode Rogan Josh that day and had it been for a more patient ride he could of finished closer or maybe even won it. He finished 4th in the Caulfield Cup. Suddenly everyone wanted to know more about "Bart's Perth horse". Quite clearly this horse had some ability, added to the fact that he had already placed at the Melbourne Cup distance (with his 2nd placing in the Perth Cup earlier that year) and only had 50kg in the Melbourne Cup, his odds shortened to about 25/1.

Rogan Josh's next start was on Victoria Derby day - in the Group 1 Mackinnon Stakes at Flemington at weight-for-age and this time he was to be ridden by Perth born jockey John Marshall. The idea behind this was that Bart wanted to teach Rogan Josh from pulling too hard and to ride him further back in the field. He had pulled a bit in the Herbert Power and the Caulfield Cup, so the Mackinnon was all about teaching him to settle in his races. It was a fast run Mackinnon and this suited Rogan Josh because he ran over the top of them coming from behind to win at odds of 16/1. The time of 2:00.30 is still the equal fastest time for the Mackinnon Stakes and matches the time set by Horlicks in the 1989 Mackinnon.

Rogan Josh carried 58kg in the Mackinnon, however he would carry just 50kg in the Cup - a massive 8kg drop. No horse since Rogan Josh, has dropped more in weight from its final lead up race to the Melbourne Cup. The closest was Brew in 2000, who dropped 7.5kg from the Hotham Handicap (56.5kg) to the Melbourne Cup (49kg).

On Melbourne Cup day Rogan Josh started at odds of around 5/1 or 6/1 and would start second favourite. If not for barrier 21, he might of been favourite. John Marshall rode Rogan Josh patiently and waited until the last 200m to let him loose and ground Central Park down in the last 100m to win by half a length and give Bart his 11th Melbourne Cup

Rogan Josh then ran in the Sandown Classic ten days after his Cup win and then represented Australia on the international stage by running 4th in the Group 1 Hong Kong Vase at 2400m weight-for-age - only 2.5 lengths away from the winner Borgia who in 1997 ran 3rd in the Arc.

Leg problems began to surface during the autumn of 2000 and Rogan Josh was retired. He won $2,683,692 in prize money which now days is probably worth around $6 million. Nowdays Rogan Josh spends his time at the Living Legends retirement farm in Melbourne and is a nice natured and relaxed horse enjoys pats from the public and making the odd appearance at race meetings.

Rogan Josh was the start of WA's comeback onto the national scale. He showed that WA could still produce quality horses to win in the eastern states at the highest level. This is true because horses like Northerly, Miss Andretti, Plastered, Scenic Shot, Scenic Blast, Hay List, Old Comrade, Ethiopia, Cedarberg, Black Heart Bart, Vega Magic, Gatting, Scales Of Justice (and many more) came onto the scene and all won Group 1s in the eastern states - these WA bred horses showed they could compete with the best in the east just like Rogan Josh had done.

To Rogan Josh, we salute you, thanks for winning me money and I'm sure you made a lot of West Aussies happy. Thanks for putting WA racing back on the map. 20 years ago you triumphed on the biggest racing stage in Australia and all of WA was behind you, and you will never be forgotten.

Rogan Josh (AUS) - The Stats

Sire: Old Spice (AUS)

Dam: Eastern Mystique (AUS)

Date Of Birth: 30/9/1992

First Race: 16/1/1997 (as a 4 year-old)

Last Race: 12/12/1999 (as a 7 year-old)

Career Record: 38 Starts: 13-6-1 (including 28 top five finishes)

Stakes (Group/Listed) Record: 18 Starts: 5-3-0

Prize Money: $2,683,692

Distances Won: 1400m (4), 1675m (2), 1800m (2), 200m (1), 2200m (2), 2400m (1), 3200m (1)

Distances Placed: 1400m (1), 1600m (1), 1650m (1), 1670m (1), 2200m (1), 2400m (1), 3200m (1)

Highest Timeform Rating (win): 115: Group 1 1999 Mackinnon Stakes

Highest Timeform Rating in career: 119: 4th - Group 1 1999 Hong Kong Vase

Major Wins

1999 Group 1 Melbourne Cup (3200m hcp)

1999 Group 1 Mackinnon Stakes (2000m WFA)

1999 Group 2 Herbert Power Stakes (2400m hcp)

1998 Group 3 Bunbury Cup (2200m hcp)

1998 Listed Pinjarra Cup (2200m hcp)

Best minor Performances:

4th - 1999 Group 1 Hong Kong Vase (2400m WFA)

4th - 1999 Group 1 Caulfield Cup (2400m hcp)

2nd - 1999 Group 2 Perth Cup (3200m hcp)

2nd - 1998 Group 2 C.B Cox Stakes (2400m WFA)

2nd - 1999 Group 3 Bunbury Cup (2200m hcp)

4th - 1999 Group 3 Strickland Stakes (1800m WFA)

R.I.P Rebel Raider

West Coast

R.I.P. Had a heart attack whilst serving a mare. Good stayer...Won two Derbies at G1 level.
Multiple Group 1 winner Rebel Raider dies
Adam [email protected]:34pmN
Rebel Raider has died aged 14.
The multiple Group 1 winner was serving a mare when he had a heart attack and burst his aorta.
The classy son of Reset enjoyed a tremendous career under Hall of Fame trainer Leon Macdonald, winning the 2008 Group 1 Vic Derby at $101 with Clare Lindop in the saddle and also the Group 1 SA Derby in 2009.
"He was a magnificent horse," Macdonald said.
"He absolutely lapped them in the Vic Derby and it's still one of my favourite moments in racing."
Rebel Raider had a total of 21 career starts and won six times while placing in another four, for career earnings of almost $1.5 million.
"He had so much natural ability and talent and I believe he only got better with age," he said.
"He won over 2500m and his last-ever victory was in the Spring Stakes over 1200, which just showed the raw ability and versatility he had."
Retiring in 2011 after breaking down, Rebel Raider was relocated to Wyndholm Park Stud in Victoria for the 2012 breeding season.
Rebel Raider sired three individual Stakes winners, all trained by Macdonald:
• Pretty Punk - 2018 G3 Hobart Cup and 2016 Listed Hill Smith Stakes;
• Waging War - 2017 G3 Chairman's Stakes; and
• Wasabi Bob - 2019 Listed Birthday Cup.
"His progeny are like him, they're so relaxed and have a great temperament," Macdonald said.
"I don't believe he got the mares he deserved either with his credentials, I would have loved to have seen what he could have produced with a top-class mare."

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