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Cheers, Loges

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Forum and Horses in Form.


Some great performances by the Forum Tipsters today!

From two tips on the Best-Bet thread, Todman chips in with an $18 power boost winner, while Hinksy throws up a $9 second!

Imaj eel chucks in a successful $2.20 lay.

Todman who is on fire was also one of a few to successfully tip Tosen Stardom in the Groupies Thread!

Redzel franked the form of his Everest win with a nice display down the straight in fast time!!

Well done to all. That is why punters and racing enthusiasts visit the site.

Meanwhile, no tips or lays from the ALT, Duo who says he sells tips as a business?

The Captain of the ALT: Duo, is Yada Yada Yading on about a 100/1 shot he laid, but denies a couple of years ago!!

The mind boggles?

Cheers, loges...

Famous last words.


"Snitzens have a poor record in the Rose, G Ryan has never had a horse filling a place in the race".
"I am going to lay it and several others in the race"

With G Ryan and Snitzels running 1st and 3rd in the race, under the 'flawed reasoning' of the Alt: Bestie we have to assume that the winner was also layed for a massive loss!

cheers, loges.

Trolls and Welchers.



This has made my day. The Troll tried but failed
to enter my post, so he has called in his Alt-Nom-De-Plume bestie to teach us a lesson on how to be a successful punter.

Total rubbish from someone with no integrity and a Welcher-too-boot!

Cheers, Loges.



Interesting calculations regarding an all up on WINX, But what about the punter who's mantra is to lay odds-on shots in fields of 5 or more? How much would he have lost?
Add that to the accumulated losses on BLACK CAVIAR (OUCH)-It has to hurt!

Cheers, loges.

Highland Reel and Winx.


Yes Rex, what AOB would call a very good bread-and-butter horse!
His performance around the World shows just how good a horse Winx is, yet some on here would still lay Winx and insist she is beating goats.

cheers, loges.

Epsom Derby.


Rex. Thanks for the informative run-down.

With no standouts, I've decided on the Godolphin runner Dubai Thunder. It's a big jump in class as you say but I get the feeling you liked what you saw plus he is nice odds and Godolphin are on the up. I'm trying to do a Todman!

Don't care much for Chester form, might have changed now but in the 60s I followed good winners of the Chester Derby trial on to Epsom without a result?

Cracksman, on the other hand, having won on the Epson track has to be a plus!

Looking forward to it as nothing much happening here in Aussie racing with track conditions not offering much incentive to have a bet.

Good luck, cheers, Loges.

Epsom Derby.


Rex. The Old Epsom Derby takes place this Sunday. Always a big day on the English racing calendar.

Any chance of a rundown on a few of the chances?

Does Matt Prior have you doing a spot for Sky?

Could be a busy but interesting day for you!

Cheers, Loges.

400 bad request.


Robert. I am having trouble accessing the groupies thread.
Can access all other threads but when clicking on the groupies thread I receive the above message?

Any help would be appreciated.


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